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Custom Paint Job

Customization is the action of modifying something to suit perfectly a particular individual. In our case, a specific vehicle. The car paint job is the last step before reassembly of any vehicle and the most pleasant phase of the car customization process, where you create a design that is capable of expressing who you are.



Rad Rod 37 Ford Phaeton,we are proud to own the Restomod that win the  SEMA in 2007

Keeps the  appearance of the original, but the outdated features of your vehicle are replaced with the more modern, high-performance parts of today. 



The process is of returning something to a former condition, with most of the original factory parts a automobile in factory-new condition with authentic parts.


49 Ford f3, Custom Paint and handmade Flames and Metal look. A work of Art made by Smash Customs.

Give your car a a unique look with a custom paint job. Smash Customs can transform your vehicle and make it into the vehicle that best describes you.


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