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1969 Baja Porsche 911. Although this excellent car racer started as a Porsche 911, classic car hunter Michael Lightbourn gave it new life as a one of a kind Baja Racer. The original all-steel body was mounted to a tubular steel Baja racing chassis with a tuned 2.3 liter Volkswagen flat-four cylinder engine.

"Inside the Baja 911, there are twin racing bucket seats, auto meter gauges, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and side-intrusion bars. As you would expect, there's a full ARC audio system installed. 

The chassis and underside of the body are coated with U-POL Raptor lining, with stealth paint used on the body that was purchased directly from the Air Force surplus department. According to Silodrome Gasoline Culture Magazine, it's the same finishes on the Stealth Bomber.

You can purchase the Porsche 911 Baja at Smash Customs. Feel free to visit the facility, see the car, and speak to one of our specialists or call for more information. 

Check this video to watch the Baja racer performance at the SMASH Customs facility.